Furahiya chakula chako!

Make your way to our restaurant and bar, each of which offers unparalled views of the ocean in addition to delightfully prepared delicacies and signature cocktails. Featuring favourites from India, Africa, the Orient, and Italy, our chefs prepare each dish with the freshest of local produce. Organic is preferred wherever possible, keeping in line with our values of sustainability, while creating enticingly delicious menus with plenty of variety. The gardens at our retreat provide the spices and fresh herbs which add a sense of homegrown freshness to every dish! Think no more, head down to our restaurant and bar in Moja Tuu, and as they aptly say in Swahili - Furahiya chakula chako! (Enjoy your meal!)

With an expansive terrace overlooking the ocean, this restaurant offers an exceptional setting to dine in, no matter what the time of day. Sumptuous buffets are served right from breakfast to dinner, for a bit of holiday indulgence. The menus offer a selection of the very best from our different kitchens.

Restaurants in Zanzibar, Moja Tuu - The Luxury Villas and Nature Retreat 19
Restaurants in Zanzibar, Moja Tuu - The Luxury Villas and Nature Retreat

Radiating an air of laid-back serenity, this bar, much like its name, is a perfect haven for relaxation. Stroll by for chilled cocktails and late nights with live music. A Kwahiri cocktail with white rum, lime and angostura; a Karibu Lala with konyagi; or sugar cane liquor with lime wedges - the bar provides plenty of authentic local cocktails to choose from!