Retreat to Moja Tuu

The Only One that transforms every stay into a story!
Karibu - Welcome

At Moja Tuu, 'The Only One,'

Every suite is a sanctuary, every meal a celebration, and every moment a treasure. This is not just a retreat—it’s your personal story waiting to unfold.

Inspired by our history, surrounded by nature and designed to
offer a different experience

Enjoy World-class Stay Experience

The Accommodations

Unforgettable Experience

An Oasis of Calm in the Heart of Zanzibar

Spa & Wellness
Moja Tuu is a place to still your mind and breathe. Our spa therapists are highly professional and intuitive, they will help you recapture that elusive balance.
Things to Do
We can arrange tailor made tours which include a wide range of activities and attractions mentioned above on the island of Zanzibar.
Stroll along our promenade and step into any of our restaurants, all share the fabulous ocean views, each with it a distinctive atmosphere and cuisine.